It’s been a minute

It’s been an amazing 10 months in our new home country 🇨🇦. In that time we got our 3 year old registered for preschool which he attends two days a week, welcomed a little girl into our family and had our first family vacation.

How did we survive our first winter ☃️❄? Well, coming from warmer temperatures it was quite an adjustment. Just like other Canadians we spent most of our winter days indoors. My excuse was the cold and a new baby. Everyone encouraged us to get out and climatise as there is only so much you can do inside. Keeping a toddler busy proved to be a challenge as well. Play dates was one of the many things we did most and as a mum I had to get crafty. I have been so focused on getting my son ready for kindergarten which is not for another year and a half that I forgot it’s about having fun and learning at the same time. It made me realize I have very little patience when it comes to my own kids. He finally knows his colours and shapes. The next hurdle to climb is alphabets and numbers and boy is it exhausting. If I try not to force it on him he will get it, that’s what I have to keep telling myself. So out came the play dough and we would spend time as a family to make different things with the dough. Indoor playgrounds is quite big here and get busy especially on weekends. It can also add up if you have more than one child to take out and some of these places don’t allow outdoor snacks.

It’s always fun in the snow trying to build a snowman, go ice skating and tobogganing which is what we did to enjoy the weather outdoors during the winter. And that’s how we survived the winter.

Finally into spring, as we have seen much pretty colours, the snow has melted and all the winter gear put away. The weather has made it pleasant to be outside and enjoy strolls outside and trips to the zoo. I noticed a popular thing for kids to do is to colour/draw on the sidewalk outside. Thank goodness chalk is only around $1 for a box of different colours. Made me think of my childhood days watching the kids play hop scotch, blowing bubbles in the sun and riding roller skates.

In this time my 5 month old has started crawling and it was such a lovely surprise to see her get around on her own as I thought it would only happen around 6-8 months of age. And boy does she eat. She is quite the explorer when it comes to food. It’s been amazing watching them grow and see how well they get along. 20190411_215608

Excited to see what fun summer will bring. 👒🏖 Lakes are a big hit around here so that will be something new to try out.

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