Should I be posting photos of my kids on social media?

Everything seems so easy these days with a click of a button. Everything we do, eat and places we go to are uploaded onto social media. Well in the beginning I didn’t really care about what I shared out there I just wanted “everyone ” to see that I was having a good time. Years later things change, I became more of an introvert and my lifestyle quieten down a bit. Fast forward a few years later and I am creeping out of my shell again and becoming just as active as I was before. But why do we do it?

I spent a lot of time cleaning up my Facebook account, everything from my friends list to photos and videos I posted, places I tagged myself in even photos other people have tagged me in. After reading so much about putting our lives in danger and that of our kids i became aware of how much information i am actually giving people out there about myself and my family. I still continue to post pictures and videos but I am more aware of who my audience is.

When my kids were born I did not want to share their identity with anyone. As they starting to grow older I find myself sharing more of the things they get up to and usually include a picture or two of their new achievements. When I started blogging I realized that I will be exposing a lot more of myself, and seeing that it’s all about parenting and kids I found it fitting to include a photo now and again. I have an Instagram account where I post photos of my kids for my blog page. I changed the settings to a private account once I realized that just about anyone can follow me but not many of these people share the same interest as I do, which is kids and parenting. Do we really know who is looking at our photos and for what purposes?

I come from a country where kidnapping and child molestation happens every single day that people are so afraid to go out and enjoy time with their kids. You are so afraid to share a photo of your child having a good time on a jumping castles, as not many people see the same innocence of young children as you do. Not that these things don’t happen in the country I live in today, but there is some level of comfort and peace of mind knowing that my kids can play safely outside.

I share a lot of my memories on my what’s app status now and still a few on my personal Instagram account. We have moved away from our friends and family back home, and we use it as a means to share our new adventure with them. Although I haven’t stopped posting about my kids I am more alert about what I post.

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