Two births, each with a unique experience

Was your reaction different for the birth of each of your children? Well mine certainly was and I still don’t know what made me react that way, but here goes my story.

When I was carrying my first child, I longed for it to be a boy. Initially we did not want to know the gender of the baby, but during one of my appointments the gynecologist slipped up. With my “porridge brain ” at the time I was unaware of this. Suddenly my husband who was hoping for a girl first began saying we having a boy, and I wondered why he had changed his mind only to find out he heard the doctor’s mishap. Nonetheless we were thrilled, after all we just wanted a healthy safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. I always wanted to have a son first so that one day he will look out for his sister, that’s how it was with my brother and I. I just never imagined the roles reversed but I learned sisters can be protective to of their brothers. 8 months of my pregnancy had gone by and it was finally time for the BIG DAY! I woke up with mixed emotions, fear of wondering if everything will go off well. Nervous as we about to be parents for the first time, how will we know if we doing everything right? Excitement about holding my tiny little baby who will love me always and call me mum.

In the theater all I could focus on was the clock. I wanted to see for myself the hour at which my child would be born. Finally at 07:35am he was out, the gynaecologist lifted him up to show him off to me and then whisked him away to get all cleaned up. His dad never left his side from that moment on. They brought him around to me to have a quick look, and that was all I got – A quick look!

This was my/ our first moment of eye contact

I knew from the second I saw him it was love at first sight. I couldn’t wait to get done in the theater just so that I can hold him. But it was a long wait until I finally did. At 11:10am was the first time I held him in my arms once I was back in the ward. It felt like I waited an eternity before seeing him, everyone just kept saying he is beautiful and has a lot of hair. Finally I had my moment to “ooh and aah” over him.

With my second pregnancy we found out at 30 weeks that we having a little girl. We couldn’t be more happier. Our pigeon pair. I was excited about the fact that I get to play dress up and I would have a mini me. After 9 months of waiting and even longer during my intense labor at 22:15pm she was finally out. Her first cry had me in tears from the moment they took her out until they were all done with me. An hour later even while holding her I still found myself crying. My princess has filled my heart with such joy and contentment. Though I couldn’t quite understand this feeling. Why didn’t I cry for my first child the way I had now? I love them both immensely but my reaction was different with each birth experience. I guess the feeling of her being placed on my chest for the first time and having that skin to skin contact was unbelievable. I didn’t have to wait hours to see her and hold her. I remember with my son, by the time I got to see him and hold him he already had his first bath and I wasn’t there to witness that. He was all dressed up in his cute outfit I had picked out for him. There was absolutely no rush with my daughter. Each born in different countries, I guess the rules and procedures are different from each other. Well here is my overwhelming moment with her.

I got to see her and touch, and then she was placed on my chest. Tears continued to roll down my face.

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