WHY? Why is it so difficult to answer this question from a toddler?

We all know as parents once our little one’s grow older and become more sociable they become curious. I often wonder how a little person has so much to say and does not get tired of talking. It feels like a distant memory when the first two years of theirs lives all they said was “ooh and ah, mama and dada”. Now this little being is like a stream train with no brakes.

When you a new parent all other parents warn you about the terrible two’s, but no one mentions all they WHY‘s that follows after the two’s. My husband and I are often astounded by what comes out our little guy’s mouth, we can’t help but look at each other and laugh.

Here are some of the questions we get asked almost on a daily basis

  • Why is mummy a girl?
  • Why must I go sleep?
  • Why do you go to work everyday?
  • Why don’t they sell new body parts in the shop’s if I hurt mine?
  • Why do the cows eat grass?
  • Why do I have to go where mummy and daddy goes?

The list of why’s are endless, and although we have valid answers for all these questions, even then is followed by WHY!

We have to be mindful that these little humans we created are growing and experiencing Life. We need to help shape and mould them to be the best version of themselves. So the next time I get asked Why – I will remind myself that he is learning and right now I am his best teacher.

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