Where it all began…

A positive test result!

It was after our first year of marriage that the baby talk came up. Have you ever felt if “now” was the right time to start a family? Well, after much pondering and thought we decided why not. Of cause I had to convince my husband that we are more than ready to be parents.

We spent a whole year trying. My bathroom had more pregnancy tests than your quick convenient store shelf. Every sign of a missed period got me excited, this was it – our BIG moment. But alas, just a negative test result and a bit of disappointment. We pursued to keep on trying. Eventually our friends and family started asking us when will we start a family. The answer was always the same – “when we’re ready!”.

Eleven months had passed, and still nothing. I began to think that there is something wrong with me. Google became my best friend and the only place I would seek advice from. I read that if you don’t over analyse it the process will happen naturally. Well the naturally didn’t seem as if it was working, there must be something wrong I insisted. So on the 3rd January 2015 I decided to get my mind and body right. I began eating healthy, bought clothes to start working out at the gym when I returned back to work on the 5th. But suddenly I started feeling lightheaded and sleepy. This “New Year, New Me” wasn’t going as planned. So much for eating healthy it just made me feel more sick.

My husband insisted I go and see the doctor before I started working out, and I told him that I didn’t want to start the year off as a quitter already by not going to the gym. So I took his advice and went to see the doctor the morning of the 5th January 2015 before I headed to the gym. The doc asked me if I was pregnant when I explained my symptoms. I told her I would know if I was, after all I read up on all the signs and I took a test the week before. She proceeded to do the test anyway, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the results and her facial expression. I was in disbelieve because my tests had come out negative. She explained the reason why.

I couldn’t contain my excitement and called my husband and told him to meet me at work. I gave him the test, and it took a while for him to make out heads or tails of the strip in his hand. So I just blurted out that we are going to have a baby (“,) and that is a positive pregnancy test result you holding. And so our journey to becoming parents had begun…

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